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Charles Lee Ray or more popularly known as Chucky is the star antagonist of a horror film Child’s Play. This character is a serial killer and also a voodoo practitioner in the movie who is badly wounded while he was chased by a detective. Charles hid himself in a toy store and before he dies, he performed a ritual to move his spiritual being to one of Good Guy Dolls. While performing the ritual, the toy store is struck by the lightning and fire has burnt it to the ground. A doll was found after and was given to a boy as a gift. Thus, the story continued with Chucky making the plot as thrilling as ever. The Child’s Play film has become a series from Chucky 1 to 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. The movie also won an MTV Movie Award for the Best Movie Villain in 1999.

Since Child’s Play became so popular. Many girls have opted for a Chucky Costume especially during Halloween season. A sexy Chucky Costume includes a neck striped shirt (in green, blue, pink red and purple) topped with an overall dress with “GOOD GUY” print in red. It also includes a pair of luscious thigh high stockings. The outfit gives a killer-vibe look if you match it with Chucky-like wig, a pair of red shoes and an axe.

Thank you for dropping by ChuckyCostume.Com, where the horrors of the Child’s Play movies await with Chucky Costumes so real, they’ll have your heart racing and your pulse pounding.  If you’re a fan of the never ending series of horror flicks that star Chucky, a toy doll that is possessed by the soul of a fictitious serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, then a Chucky costume is probably right up your alley!

Are you part of the Chucky generation? That’s the group of kids who grew up watching the Chucky films or Child’s Play series.  Those kids who see a Chucky doll or even a Chucky costume and wonder what evil fate awaits them…  It’s a sure thing that your Chucky costume will strike fear in the hearts of many.

Chucky costumes are great not just for adult men, but also for kids, too.  In fact, the shorter you are, the more authentic your Chucky costume will look. But the ladies can get in on the fun, too, when they dress as the Bride of Chucky, Tiffany.  For those who are familiar with this installment in the series of horror flicks, Tiffany was Charles Lee Ray’s real life girlfriend when he was a human – and she joined the undead and became a doll like Chucky in the film.

To accessorize your Chucky Costume or Bride of Chucky costume, think about the following additions to your ensemble:

  • A weapon.  Complete your Chucky costume by carrying around a weapon of some type, preferably that has been outfitted with fake blood. A knife, a hammer, an axe, a hack saw.  Anything that Chucky can use to inflict pain on someone else is a good prop for him.  You can find these types of props at most costume stores.  Choose a fake, plastic weapon, of course, for safety’s sake.
  • Tennis shoes.  Since Chucky was meant to be a “Good Guy” doll, in addition to your Chucky costume that features a pair of overalls and tee, you will also need a pair of tennis shoes. Refer to Chucky’s picture to find the right shoes for your Chucky costume.
  • Chucky mask.  Au authentic looking Chucky mask will have Chucky’s telltale red hair and will also be ventilated for safety and comfort.
  • When accessorizing the Bride of Chucky costume, add a bloody floral bouquet as a fitting accent.

So, are you looking for a Chucky Costume for your next Halloween Party? If you want to look really fabulous in a sexy chucky outfit, well, you have come to the right chucky costume site. We offer the best deals of Chucky Costumes that will surely give you the sultry killer looks on your party. You can order here and we can assure you that you will get your best Chucky Costume right at your door steps.

Accessorizing Your Chucky Costume

It ‘ain’t easy’ being a knee-high possessed doll who is channeling the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky. But the right Chucky costume accessories can definitely help. The most important accessory to authenticate your Chucky get-up is a ‘bloody’ knife. Of course, since you don’t want to walk around with a real knife in your hand, which is dangerous, go for a fake rubber knife. Looks just as real, and can be carried by two year olds or fifty year olds without worrying about slicing off a finger or your kid accidentally bludgeoning another kid to death racing for the Reese’s Cups. Other must-have Child’s Play accessories include the troll-like Chucky wig.

How can Chucky concentrate on transferring his soul into another body before he gets trapped inside the Good Guy doll forever – if he isn’t comfortable? Being sure to measure yourself or your kid for the right fit in your Chucky costume is essential. After all, being an axe-wielding knife-hurtling voodoo possessed doll is hard enough work. Measure your chest, waist, torso, and hips, along with your height and weight, and compare those with the size chart for the Chucky costume that you want to buy. You should also measure your inseam, which is the measurement from the seam at the crotch of your pants down to the hem.

Chucky Costume

Want to look creepy this Halloween?  Go for a Chucky costume.

Heeere’s Chucky! The eerie plastic protagonist comes from a world of terror and is very scary. The character is one of the most exceptional movie monsters of all time. Chucky was voiced by Brad Dourif, who also played the character of psycho serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

This Halloween, dress yourself up as the scariest doll in the history of movies with our exclusively designed Chucky costumes. These are officially licensed costumes and make great costumes for both kids and adults. If you want a complete look, don’t forget to add the costume accessories including a mock bloodied axe and replica mask of the doll.

Chucky Adult Costume

Available in small, medium, Large

Includes striped Top, dress and stocking

Additional Buy: Axe, wig, or shoes.

Chucky Child Costume

Available in Child Sizes: Medium and Large.

Includes: jumpsuit; Jumpsuit comes with shirt and mask attached.

Additional Buy: Toy axe and Shoes

The Chucky Costume

Chucky is the scary central character from the series of 5 movies, “Child’s Play, Child’s Play – 2 and 3, “Seed of Chucky” and “Bride of Chucky. All of these 5 movies revolve around the dreadful frolics of a doll that gets possessed by the spirit of terrible murderer Chucky, or Charles Lee Ray. After the doll Chucky is impregnated, it comes to life and start performing a whole host of sinful and evil deeds. This notoriously possessed doll known as Chucky is truly one of the horror genre’s top recognizable characters, thanks to the last 2 films in the series (Bride of Chucky & Seed of Chucky).

If you are looking for some real spooky Halloween costume for this Halloween, whether for yourself or your child (children), there can be no more better choice than a Chucky Halloween Costume. If you are looking for a good Halloween dress as a couple, you don’t have to look any further than Chucky costume, as there is also female equivalent of Chucky called Tiffany.  A good Chucky Halloween costume stays true in portraying this real horror character from movie

Provided that Chucky is a cute little doll, it becomes the perfect choice, if you want some scary and cute Halloween costume for your kids. Chucky is also a great choice for a last minute outfit.

Here is what you can expect when you buy this Halloween costume:

Adult Costume

The costumes for adult are available in three sizes: small, medium, Large

The dress would include a multi-coloured striped Top, dress and stocking

To look a perfect Chucky straight out from the movie you may want to go for an axe and wig too.

Child Costume

Child costume comes in two sizes: Medium and Large.

The costume includes a jumpsuit and it has usually a shirt and mask attached.

You may also want to buy a toy axe and shoes.

The favorite horror film child’s play Chucky is very popular amongst the kids as well as the youngster. Charles Lee Ray is the original name but he is mostly known with the name of Chucky. Very popular the one and only Chucky is very famous Character of a serial killer. The character was very famous and people are still in love with the character of Chucky and thus to bring the feel of Chucky alive we bring you the whole web site which is completely dedicated to the costumes of Chucky.

Chucky is very famous character of olden time it has been awarded with the Best movie Villain award as well in 11999 by MTV movie awards. Chucky feel is still alive and to make everyone relive the moment of Chucky, now you can get with the Chucky costume.

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Chucky – The Scary Baby

One of the most classic horror movies of all time is “Chucky”.  The movie is about a killer doll bent on killing people.  It started out as an innocent and cute looking doll but eventually turned on his owner and started killing off the people in the movie one by one. Most parents still remember the original movie until now and the classic hit made its way to another sequel in the 21st century.  After many sequels, the famous killer doll influenced more and more people and eventually ended up as a Halloween costume.

Chucky Costumes are a great idea for the younger age group.  It is the innocent appearance of the child, which brings out the ominous “Chucky” effect.      With the right choice of the many Chucky Costumes out there and clever make-up artistry, you will make your childe the sweetest yet scariest kid out there.  Cutesy costumes are way over used.  Halloween is about the night and the fright so why not go with that theme instead.  The Chucky theme will be a good way for your child to get some extra treats because many parents will remember the days when the movie “Chucky” came out.  Children would not be as scared to approach your child because not many of them know the movie, but the older age group will definitely remember.

Be more creative when it comes to Halloween.  It is a time where you can let your inner-artist loose.  Halloween is celebrated only once a year.  Why not make the most of it.  Your children are not the only ones who can enjoy this great holiday.  Parents join in the fun when it comes to the costume selection.  Put some effort to make this once a year event a memorable one.  You have lots of time to think about the next.

There is so much going for Chucky – he is the epitome of horrific bad guys – a serial killer whose spirit takes refuge in what is ironically a Good Boy doll. This doll finds its way to a child’s home where it wreaks havoc. This much alone is enough to have a costume inspired by Chucky. Look for all things Chucky on Chucky Costume and be a part of this horror flick in a whole new way. The great thing about this costume is that it works for men, women and even children. For women, the additional character of Tiffany, Chucky’s Bride, also helps add to their repertoire.

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